Let your children enjoy the benefits of essential oil diffusing with these aromatherapy products for kids.

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Essential Oil Fidget Spinners


What's more fun than a fidget spinner? A fidget spinner that diffuses essential oils! Simply put a couple drops of oil in the tab insert and you can diffuse while you fidget!


Flashy Peridot Green Essential Oil Bracelet


Our Flashy Peridot Green silicone bracelet is a great way to diffuse your essential oils when you are out and about. Wear this sporty green bracelet while riding your bike through the trails, fishing at the lake or enjoying a round of golf.

Lightning LED Fidget Spinners


Fidget spinners are the latest craze. You may even have one already. They are so simple and yet so fun.These toys are known for helping maintain focus and helping with stress and anxiety. This is a gift for any age or gender. We offer a colour selection of red, blue and yellow. The child or children in your life would be happy to get one of each.