White Jade & Lava Stone Essential Oil Beaded Band

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A great bracelet for staying calm and grounded, our White Jade Lava Stone bracelet helps protect against negative influences or energies.



White Jade helps protect the wearer against negative influences or energies. This stone is excellent for staying calm and grounded. White Jade was traditionally known as a gemstone of royalty and power, particularly in the East. Others recognize it for its healing and stabilizing energies, which helps relieve anxiety and remove negative emotions developed from fear.

The Lava Stone also allows you to carry your essential oils on the go. Simply add 1-3 Drops of essential oils to the lava, rub in with your fingers and enjoy the subtle yet healing scent for days.

To add oils to your bracelet, simply add 1-2 drops to the lava stone side of the bracelet and lightly rub in. To change the scent, wash with warm water and soap and allow to air dry before adding a different oil.


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