Tick Protection Blend Essential Oil Sample

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Protect your animals from fleas and ticks with our essential oil blend. Purchase a sample bottle and test it out in your pet diffusing collar pendant.

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Has your pet been pestered by flees or ticks? Did you know that there is an essential oils answer to your problem? Our Flea and Tick essential oil blend is a combination of cedarwood, lemongrass and lavender oils. Try these 3 essential oils in your Essential Oil Pet Diffuser!

Each sample bottle comes with approximately 20 drops (1ml) of blended essential oils.

Allow some extra time for it to soak in as the Cedarwood oil can be a bit thicker. Place inside the back of the pet diffuser pendant and then clip onto your pet’s collar. Refill every 1-3 days depending on the severity of the fleas and ticks in your area.


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