Nosey Plush Toy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Soother Holder

Nosey is the delightfully plush aromatherapy toy for infants. Add your essential oils to the pocket in the front of Nosey so your little one can enjoy and benefit from their essential oils.


Nosey is the cutest and most versatile essential oil diffusing plush toy ever made. Each Nosey is designed with a pocket that secures your baby’s soother directly in place, allowing them control of the unbelievably soft toy as they wish. As your child grows, the Nosey grows with them, change the soother to fit any size and the pocket works as a tooth holder for when the tooth fairy starts to come around.

The name Nosey isn’t just for it’s cute little elephant nose, Nosey is also an essential oil diffusing toy made for toddlers. Simply add a drop of essential oils to the pocket inside Nosey’s chest and let them go straight to his heart.
Nosey is fully machine washable and comes in two fun colors Aqua and Lavender.

From baby to toddler, Nosey is your child’s best friend.

Before using essential oils with your baby, we strongly recommend you speak with your doctor and do your research. Only use a trusted fully pure essential oil brand that you feel comfortable using with your baby.

*Soother not included. 


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