Himalayan Salt Detox Lamp

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Want to detox your body without even having to get off the chair?
Wondering How Himalayan Salt Foot Detox lamps works?

Our feet have close to ¼ million sweat glands and hands have 370 per cm2. When the detox Lamp heats up and feet or hands are placed on it, it triggers sweating and makes way for elimination of wastes that are accumulated in cells.

The wastes coming from your body includes lactic acid, nitrogenous wastes (urea), water, NaCI (Salt), citric acid, fatty acids, uric acid and ascorbic acid. Heat also increases pore size temporarily and helps with unclogged blocked pores, while facilitating absorption of nutrients from Himalayan Salt. With 84 trace minerals, Himalayan Salt can nourish cells with minerals and trace elements like no other and promote rejuvenation and reduction in acid levels. Some users have reported tasting the salt in the back of their mouths after usage showing how the salt passes throughout the entire body.

Simply turn on your Himalayan Salt detox lamp and allow the stone to warm up. The warm up time will depend on it’s outside condition, do not be surprised if the stone take up to 30 minutes to warm up. Sit in a comfortable chair and remove shoes and socks. Place your bare feet directly onto the warm stone. Alternatively you can also find a comfortable way to place your hands onto the stone. When the stone heats up, use the dimmer switch to control the temperature. Use the stone 1 to 2 times a day, the time can vary depending on your heat preference.

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