The Family Pack Combo


The Family Pack Combo is perfect to get the whole family diffusing on the go. Mix and match sizes and colours to fit everyone.

For you


For your spouse


For your little one



The Family Pack Combo is perfect for those families looking to diffuse on the go. It contains three essential bracelets (consider adding this combo for two more). You may choose from our assortment of sizes and colours so each family member has one to suit him or her. Your spouse and children will appreciate how comfortable and simple essential bracelets are. Of course…you could use this combo to get three colours for yourself. Now, that is smart shopping! This is the simplest way to bless your loved ones with essential oils’ aromatherapy benefits. Get your three bracelets today!

Sizing Guide
Small 6″ – Ages 5 years old to 10 years old
Medium 7″ – Most common size
Large 8″- Larger wrists and Men


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