Electric Blue Essential Oil Bracelet

The Electric Blue is an essential bracelet in a color that feels like it carries it’s own energy. This vibrant blue silicone band is a sporty addition to an energetic lifestyle.

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Each Electric Blue Essential Oil Bracelet comes with 5 all natural clay tablets. Simply add 1-3 drops of your oils or blend to the insert and place inside the back of the specially designed pocket. Now enjoy the subtle yet enjoyable scent for up to 7 days. The tablets are fully reusable, water resistant and very durable so they will last you the life of the bracelet.

Each bracelet is made of 100% food grade safe silicone so it is safe for your little ones and will not break down with your essential oils.

The tablets are fully reusable and water resistant. When you want to add a new oil, simply add your new oils to the same tablet or rotate through the other 4. After a week of airing out the tablet will be ready for a new oil.


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