Dragon Fly Essential Oil Locket Chain

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The Dragon Fly Pendant features a locket with a dragon fly charm and 8mm imitation pearl. A stylish addition to complete your look.

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You will look stunning, smell wonderful and feel great wearing the Dragon Fly essential oil necklace. This beautiful piece of jewellery diffuses essential oil fragrances of your choice. You do not have to leave your favorite essential oil at home anymore. You can take it with you and diffuse on the go!

The necklace is made from a nickel-free zinc alloy. It comes with a 21″ chain, an oil diffusing locket, a dragon fly charm, an imitation pearl bead and 2 reusable felt pads.

Simply open the locket, add 1-4 drops of oil to the felt pad, place inside the locket, clip it in place and enjoy the subtle scent for days.


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