Clay Diffuser Tablets


Our tablets are handmade from all natural clay and infused with five different types of crushed gemstones.


Each package contains five clay diffuser tablets.

Did you know that we hand make each and every one of our exclusive clay tablets?

Each clay tablet starts as a big block of clay, we carefully roll it out, add 5 different types of Gemstones, individually cut each one and then send them to be heated in a kiln to make them extremely hard, durable and water resistant. Sure it’s a lot of work, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Each clay tablet contains crushed gemstones:
Amethyst + Peridot + Tiger’s Eye + Rose Quartz + Turquoise.

Each bracelet comes with five tablets that are reusable and will last for a very long time. Keep extra tablets on hand in case some go missing.


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