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The “Little” Essential Oil Pocket Book for Chakras


The “Little” Essential Oil Pocket book for Chakras is the 2nd book in this Pocket book series after our super popular Pocket book for pets. This book is the perfect tool to identify if a chakra is out of balance and help to find ways to bring yourself back into balance by Mantras, Foods, Crystals and of course Essential Oils.

Just as we have a physical body, we also have an emotional body which is represented by Chakras. Each part of our emotional body is governed by a chakra. Each Chakra has a specific job, but they all work together.

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The “Little” Essential Oil Pocket Book for Pets * Updated*


The *Newly updated* Little Essential Oil Pocket Book for Pets concentrates on Safe and Effective uses of Essential Oils with Dogs and Cats.

We have added more amazing content, made it even bigger and now the updated version is over 50 pages with *New blends and an all new section on how to use the ITOVI to scan your pet! That’s right the ITOVI is safe for your pet and this book will help you scan them.

Inside you’ll Find:
Safe Guidelines for using Essential Oils with Pets
Easy to Read Dilution Chart
12 *all new Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oils for Systems Support for Dogs and Cats
Essential Oils for Health Conditions for Dogs and Cats
How to Scan your pet with ITOVI

We have consulted essential oil professionals, Certified Aromatherapists and Pet owners to work directly with them in order to create a Safe and Effective collection of oils in this book.

Orders are limited to only 4 books per order because of limited stock at this time.

This is a paperback book that measures 5 inch x 5 inch so it can easily be carried anywhere, has easy to understand images and is also available in bulk for your entire team or next pet class. Simply email for wholesale pricing.