How do they work?

Our Essential Bracelets diffuse essential oils on the go!

Each bracelet comes with five all natural clay tablets with five crushed gemstones mixed inside for added energy. They are fully reusable and water resistant. Simply allow one to three drops of essential oil to absorb into the clay tablet before placing it inside the bracelet’s built in compartment. Your body heat provides the energy needed to diffuse the oil. The subtle and beneficial scent escapes the small holes on the top of the bracelet for you to enjoy. A few drops applied in this manner can last up to seven days!

The Essential Bracelet is our flagship product, offered in various sizes and colors. We also have pendant diffusers (for necklaces or pet collars), electric diffusers, plush toy diffusers for infants, and more. Each product allows you and your family to be immersed in essential oil goodness wherever and whenever you wish.

How to use Essential Bracelets
  1. Remove the Essential Bracelet from the packaging and wash with warm water and soap
  2. Allow time to dry so that there is no water left inside the pocket
  3. Remove the clay tablet from the packaging and place on a piece of napkin or towel
  4. Place 1-3 drops (depending on your bottle) of essential oil on the clay tablet
  5. Allow 30-60 seconds for the oil to absorb into the clay tablet
  6. Secure the clay tablet in the specially designed pocket inside the bracelet
  7. Enjoy the diffusing scents of your oils right on your wrist

The continuous heat from your body allows an ongoing, subtle smell for up to a week. You may remove the clay tablet from its pocket and reapply oils as needed. The tablets are fully reusable so go ahead and experiment. Essential Bracelets are meant to serve you!

*Keep tablets out of reach of small children, as they could be a choking hazard.

3-step instructions on how to use Essential Bracelets
Best Selling Products

Essential Oil Pet Diffusing Collar Pendant

$14.95 $12.95

Experience the amazing benefits of diffusing essential oils for pets. Aromatherapy is useful to balance and harmonize both the emotional body and the physical body of animals. All Natural, Safe, Effective and Inexpensive solutions for Ticks, Fleas, Anxiety and so much more. Try pairing one of our pre mixed blends with your order.


Clay Diffuser Tablets

$2.95 $2.36

Our tablets are handmade from all natural clay and infused with five different types of crushed gemstones.


The “Little” Essential Oil Pocket Book for Pets

$7.95 $4.95

The ” Little ” Essential Oil Book for Pets is our very first edition which concentrates on Safe and Effective uses of Essential Oils with Dogs and Cats.

This little book contains 48 pages of amazing content specifically researched and written with your pets safety in mind.
Inside you’ll find:
Safe Guidelines for using Essential Oils with Pets.
Easy to read Dilution Chart.
12 different Blends for Dogs and Cats including Flea and Tick Blends.
Essential Oils for Systems Support for Dogs and Cats including Digestion and Breathing
Essential Oils for Health Conditions for Dogs and Cats.

Nosey - plush toy aromatherapy soother holderNosey - aromatherapy plush toy for infants (teal) Out Of Stock

Nosey Plush Toy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Soother Holder

Nosey is the delightfully plush aromatherapy toy for infants. Add your essential oils to the pocket in the front of Nosey so your little one can enjoy and benefit from their essential oils.